What is a sine wave inverter used for?

Sine wave inverters are helpful during traveling and camping. For example, while traveling miles together, stay somewhere at night and start traveling the next day. Sine wave inverters transform the battery power into the same type of power as used in houses or offices.

The sine wave inverter used for generating power during the travel converts direct current (DC) into an alternate current (AC). This AC power generally runs the lamps, lights, instruments, compressors, and other devices that do not run directly on battery power. However, once you decide to have one, you might get confused over which one to procure as there are two different ways to use invertors. These can be listed as ‘pure sine wave’ and ‘modified sine wave inverters. Here we would discuss which one to select –

sine wave inverter for car

Pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters

The pure sine wave inverter can also be called to produce AC power similar to the sine wave. That’s why these are tipped to be much costlier too. A pure sine wave is a steady, continuous-wave that exhibits periodic and smooth oscillation. Modified sine wave inverters produce a sine wave that rapidly switches over from a positive one to a negative one.

The waveform created by modified sine inverters is more of a square variety than the rounded arc type found by pure sine inverters. As a result, some devices may have a risk of damage while using the modified sine inverters.

Pure sine wave inverters are always preferred, and they are topping the list with the ability to run almost all instruments. Instruments entirely work to their specifications. Not all the devices work only on pure sine wave inverters, and if you use them on other types, the risk of damage, malfunctioning, or not even functioning is present. Such devices are listed below:

  • Devices like a bread maker, light dimmers, and chargers of battery.
  • Appliances with AC motors, for, e.g., refrigerators, microwaves, and compressors.
  • Medical instruments like CPAP devices for oxygen concentrators as well as sleep arena.
  • Audio and video types of equipment and satellite systems.

Pure sine wave inverters are needed for the grid-tie system. Usually, it has used for new LED TVs, CFL light bulbs, and inductive loads, just like brushless motors. Moreover, the performance of clock and audio types of equipment is enhanced with pure sine wave inverters.

12, 24, and 48V Battery Banks Off-Grid inverters

With the help of a battery bank, the off-grid inverter converts the 12, 24, or 48VDC battery bank to AC voltage. You can get the AC output based on your requirement. In houses, a 240V split phase is usually used for instruments like a dryer, electric heater, or pump. Most commercial buildings will have 208V or 480V 3-phase power connections. You can opt to get both 120V and 240V as an output.

Pure sine wave inverters are undoubtedly better options, but you must also know your exact requirement. While the inverters are always placed near batteries out of the way, you can opt for the power remote in the living rooms of your house.