Tools Needed To Change Brakes

When you are planning for changing your rotors and brakes, then it is best to consider the best tools for making the job done. Looking to replace your rotors and brake pads? A do-it-yourself project could be cost-effective but takes a couple of hours for completion.

Do you have the right tools to change brake pads! As long as you have accurate tools, it is best to change the brake pads accordingly. Normally, all the vehicles have the front brakes. Of course, Front brakes are often worn out when compared to the rear brakes so it is more prominent to change them quite often.

tools to change brake pads

Why change brake pads?

Are you looking for the best easiest way to change brake pads? Too thin brake pads could cause the persistent metallic squeaking and even the grinding noise upon pressing the brake pedal.

Did you know that Brake pedal noise is always an indicator? Yes! When you are hearing the sound when applying brakes then it is best to inspect the brake and rotor periodically for ensuing the thickness of your Brake pads.

Cost for brake service could range from a couple of 100 to 800 Dollars! The main reason is that the Rotor pads and brake pads are quite inexpensive however; its labor charges for repair could be higher. Why don’t you can repair your brake pads and rotors by yourself? Want to save more money in the process?

Below some of the most important handy tools needed to change brakes so you can quickly do it by yourself?

Torque Wrench

Of course, Torque Wrench is one of the most important brake pad replacement tools required for changing the brakes. Torque Wrench helps you to put the right torque in caliper bolts. It is the much more superior choice for ensuring that the whole job is done right.

changing brakes

C-Clamp or Brake Pad Spreader

Brake Pad Installation Spreader is also considered as the large c-clamp that is handy tool suitable for pressing piston in caliper. Using this tool, it is quite an amazing option to retract Piston and allows to reset piston. Therefore, it allows you to easily fit a new brake pad.

Torx / Allen Set

Torx or Allen bolts are considered as one of the finest tools for changing brakes as it helps hold the brake caliper bolts in a place.

When you are in an emergency of changing the brake or rotor then it is prominent to have all appropriate tools. Almost some of the tools are easier to find and it is completely time-consuming.